Tuesday, 12 June 2012

WELEDA iris mosituriser I THINK???

Hi ladies well im sure many of you have seen this in last months glossy box, but what im wondering if your all as confused as me to this packaging of this product lol.

IF i remember rightly it did say on the little glossy card that this was a face and body moisturiser???
well i no longer have the card and i cant actually tell you what this is unless i look it up online!
all it says is Weleda and iris then the rest is in different languages! ummmm.

even the little leaflet inside has no English description at all!
well i used it as a face moisturiser and in all its not a product for me anyway. this consistency is strange to me, looking quite thick but when applied is sticky and slightly watery. it makes my skin feel very clammy and i dont like this feeling at all. also the scent is rosey maybe iris?? but its VERY heavy floral scent and almost an oldy worldy smell. i didint feel moisturised after using this hey maybe its not a mosituriser at all lol. so im afraid while i was excited to try this its not for me.

please let me know what you ladies thought on this product if you have it or recieved it in your glossy box last month id love to know.

see you soon x

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