Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Wild Curls Mascara!

Me again ladies, so now this is a big SURPRISE for me, i in the past have had many 17 mascaras and in all honesty i havent ever found one that i thought did a good job or even an ok job. they have all be pretty "meh" to me. UNTIL NOW..... i only got this mascara as if any of you saw my boots advantage points blog you would know that one of my vouchers i got this quarter was i got this 17 wild curls mascara for £1 with this voucher instead of £6.79. BARGAIN! so it thought it was rude not to use this voucher up but im so glad i did. this little mascara if fab! the brush is small but picks up the right amount of mascara to apply each coat, its separates the lashes perfectly and does give a really curly effect, im really liking this mascara at the moment and im very pleased i had the offer.  i got the shade black and i think it came in brown too. im not 100% sure, because i wasnt looking for any other colour. but after i have used this mascara up i would be happy to repurchase even at £6.79 i think its worth it.

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