Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NAKED skin thirst aid 12 hr moisturiser

i know you guys have seen me talk about this in other posts but i believe it should have a post of its own as i really do LOVE this product. this is the NAKED SKIN thirst aid moisturiser, i use this every night after my skin cleaning routine and i swear by it. it has argin oil and neroli oil as well as shea butter. its has a subtle smell and goes on perfectly. a little goes along way with this cream and makes my skin feel so fresh and well after use. its has a slight watery consistency but not to the point where its like a liquid its still quite thick. when you apply this is cool and refreshing and really sinks in quickly leaving the skin smooth and soft. 

this is a 97% natural product and is for sensitive skin. i love that i can slap this on and in the morning still wake up with fresh skin feeling ready for the day. i do apply a mosituriser in the mornings also but if i didnt want to i wouldnt need to as this moisturiser promotes a 12 hour stay power which is great.

i would highly recommend this product to all. i think it would suit many types of skin so give it a go.
i think i also got this on an offer in superdrug at £3.49 but its usually £7.49 i think this is still an amazin price for what you get out of it and i would def re purchase after its used up. although it will be a while as its a lovely size product and will last a great amount of time.

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