Thursday, 14 June 2012

Top Five Fav Blushes

so carrying on with my top fav products im not on to my blushers! now i seem to have silly amounts of these for some reason and i really need to start using some different ones, circulating them every so often, but as it stand these are my top 5.

5th place is Africa blusher box, subtle and sheer for casual days.

4th place is MUA shade 1 soft pinky colour also perfect for day time wear.

3rd place is Sleek blush in the shade Suade this is a gorgeous terracotta colour and i love this, neutral colour with simply eyes and lips looks gorgeous 

2nd place is my bella bamba by Benefit this is a little glitzy but sheer and really elegant, it can be built to achieve deeper stronger results.

1st place has to go to Agenda Beauty cheek colour in cheeky vimto, fun vibrant and really pretty. i love this colour and will be purchasing more in the future from them for sure.

there are quite a range of colours here as you can see, which i like as i do change my colours to match outfits and looks ect. they are all very different but i love them all in different ways. do you have a fav blush let me know.

see you soon x

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