Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Barry M Dazzle Dust

hey ladies well im not usually a "dazzle dust" person of even a loose shadow person as they are so messy and i quite frankly usually cant be bothered lol. but i wanted to do a little post on the Barry M dazzle dusts as it really deserves a mention. i purchased this dazzle dust back in Feb this year to actually wear out on valentines day with my hubby and our best friends. i had been looking for a blue colour that needed to be LIVELY and BOLD in colour and i hunted for shadows but just couldnt find one at the time. i then came across the Barry M dazzle dusts for £4.99 which was about the max price i wanted to spend on a colour i wouldn't wear everyday. Well while it was messy and i dont like these formulas the colour was PERFECT! Its bright and fresh with a pretty pearly tone and i was so pleased. it does apply nicely and blends evenly but of course you get loose colour fall onto the cheek under they eye so the powder trick is a big yes yes for these shadows!

the shade i got was electric no.22 141. these are a good price i feel as the product would last forever! there is so much in this tiny pot and a small amount gives a very pigmented effect, which i was looking for. i wont be purchasing anymore soon but if i one day need a high pigmented colour and cant find a shadow i may consider it.

let me know if there are any dazzle dust lovers out there ladies and any stand out colours you would recoomend :)
see you all soon x

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