Monday, 4 June 2012

Some ME Time, Well For An Hour Anyway! :)

so today has been a total PJ day! we didnt have any plans so i decided yesterday to get all we needed so we did have to go out at all today and could stay in our pj's. so after getting up this morning before anyone else!!!! i started the day as we ment to go on. we all sat in the lounge and had coffee and lilly ha breakfast and watched some tv. then rob and lilly has a dip in the tub making a mess as usual!
after lunch lilly went for a snooze and rob was watching tv so it was ME TIME!!! heres what i got up to :)

first of all i ran a lovely hot bath with my noble idle bubble bath, and had my foam call on ready for in the bath. i had a lovely soak and it was bliss.

i then gave my little face a good old apricot exfoliating face scrub, this smell so nice and really works, i then used my soap and glory peaches and clean to cleanse. again this smells amazing.

then it was time for a nice hair wash, obviously i used my fav hair products at the moment, john frieda go blonder shampoo and conditioner. after have a soak in the bath and washing my hair i was all squeeky clean and feeling lovely next was some skin care loving time.

first off all i used my Naked toner just to make my face feel that little extra bit fresh. followed by my caudalie serum which i LOVE!

next i used the naked 24hour moisturiser on my face and the soap and glory fill monty for around my old eye areas.

Finally i used the nip and fab tummy fix on my tummy and moisturised the rest of my body with the garnier body in aloe vera. so ive had a lovely little pamper and feeling all fresh and nice now :) just my hair to do next in which im going to do a seperate blog on with the products im going to use.

all clean and gleaming after my mini pamper, sorry about the scary no make up look lol eek!
see you soon ladies x

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