Tuesday, 5 June 2012

NYC Matt Powder Foundation

Well here is the N.Y.C smooth and natural matt powder foundation, i grabbed this when i bought two other products in superdrug the other week as it was 3 4 2, so needed an item for my free product this is what i grabbed as ive read some great little reviews on it.

i wanted it for a little item to pop in my handbag for on the go and its perfect for that. 

its matt obviously as it says and really has a strong matt finish, i do have to say that i applied this to use as my all day foundation and it looked heavy! this is not the usual look i go for but the colour is a really good match for me and i find this works as a de shine product to touch up throughout the day. it is sot and feel nice on not to heavy and it blends nicely and covers shiny patches. the stay power isnt amazing i would say 4-6 hours so ok if your out for lunch or a few hours shopping say. The colour i got was metro tan, sounds dark but it isnt as i am pretty fair. it comes with a littl sponge to apply but im not a sponge fan so i do use a brush.

i think with the product if you had a more even skin tone this would be lovely, my skin has shadows and red patches and is just generally uneven so this doesnt cover like i would like it too. 
its is worth a go though and for £4.99 (free if like me you do 3 4 2) its not too bad a little compact foundation. let me know if you have tried it and what you think. i am going to keep using it to see if it grows on me a little more but if not ts a handy little touch p product for in my hand bag. either was its not a total loss it will get used.

see you soon ladies x

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