Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bad Gal Lash Mascara!

Bad Gal Lash Mascara in black, well your all going to probably laugh but i actually havent tried this until i got in a magazine as a sample the other day lol! now ive heard some great things about this mascara but ive also heard some not so great things. so i was excited to see which way i was going to swing on this product. im afraid to say for me its a thumbs down :(

i was really expecting to love this but it really is not very good at all, the one and main reason im not getting on with product is that it seems to stick my eye lashes together and this does not feel nice at all. im really gutted as i get on so well with so many other benefit products.

i tried applying directly and using the same brush to comb lashes through to separate this did work it made it worse. then i tried applying and using a different clean mascara comb to separate and again this didnt work for me at all. no matter what i did my lashes just heaped together looking ridiculous, now i dont know if this is just my lashes im guessing it is as ive read some great reviews about it but whatever it is bad gal lash mascara just isnt for me im afraid.

im very glad i did hold out and not buy this and that it was a free sample.

let me know ladies if you have had same problem or if you love this i would love to know.

see you soo ladies x


  1. I like mixing my mascaras to get my desired effect when I tried this I notice the clumping I used lengthening mascara with a small brush not too much on the brush but it seemed to work :) xxx

    1. i agree sam, cna totally work with combining, but this one was just not having none of it on my lashes lol xx just not for me i think x


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