Thursday, 14 June 2012

GOSH lip jam in on stage cool

hey ladies well i wanted to write a little post on the GOSH on stage lip jams. now i dont have much time for sticky lip glosses and i actually thought this is what it was going to be, now it is thick and cant heavy to wear but it has a cooling effect once on which makes your lips all tingly which is lovely and feels really nice. the only thing i would say is you KNOW its there which i know some people dont like. me im not a lover of that type of product but the colour and feels of this i will live with as its a really nice product. it doesnt have lots of colour but a slight tint of a sheer peachy colour, which of course for me is great i love about of the peachy colour as you all know. im very surprised buy this gloss or jam should i say i actually like it alot and i will look forward to some more to test out. all round a nice little handbag product that stays put for 2-4 hours not if eating or drinking and makes your lips feel nice and fresh with a tingly effect give them a go ladies see you soon x

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