Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Night Time Skin Care Routine

so my skin routine is pretty easy at the moment and this maybe that it is the time of year and my skin is ok or it may be because of the products im using who knows?? but here is what i use every night before bed. but here goes, first of all i take my make up off with the NAKED cleanser and i find make up removers totally dry my skin out and after trying so many different ones, i just dont get on with them. so this cleanser seems to remove my make up really well, i then wash my face with peaches and clean by soap and glory at the moment, i love this product so much makes my skin feel very clean and fresh! ( i have also been using the hot cloth cleanser by soap and glory but i tend to use this maybe once a week as a skin treat) the peaches and clean removes any last traces of make up i may have missed with the naked cleanser. after my skin has dried i swoop over my face with the naked toner to refresh. by now my skin is clean and toned feeling lovely.

after the toner has dried and my skin is ready i use the superdrug eye cream which i have recently reviewed and i gently dap around the eyes and let dry, i then apply my naked 12 hour cream which is amazing might i add this completes my night routine, so as you see pretty easy and is really working for my skin at the moment which im really happy about. there are some more products i would like to try on the market at the moment but once i have used up these products i will see what else it about and maybe try some different items. but im also wondering if i should change as my routine at the moment is working very well.

i then just use one of the other of these, which is the garnier intensive 7 days in aloe vera for normal skin or the vaseline oats extract on my body. these are both lovely and again ive seen LOTS of other mositurisers but will not be purchasing any until these are used up or i will end up with millions!

any questions please post below, see you soon ladies x

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