Monday, 25 June 2012

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

hey ladies, well i wanted to talk about these very pretty looking, eye pleasing bronzing rocks! they are from the instant glow range from boots. Now they come in this lovely sturdy, black plastic lid clear plastic bottom. 
with the name and description in gold on the top of the screw top lid. on the base is more info.

they look like a expensive ish product, they looks really lovely.

the rocks are mixed colours, you have this lovely bronzy warm goldy colour and this pastel shimmery pink. mixed together they look beautiful and you would think they would create a really pretty colour wash on the face or body, however you decided to wear. Now ive had mine quite a while now but this week have been putting them to the test. i have got a bit of a problem with this item and im so gutted to have to review it this way. im already heavy handed when using blusher and have to be careful, but as these were slightly light my i felt i could use my heavy hand to my hearts content lol. well!!! these actually dont hold very much pigment at all. to the point where i had got to applying 3 layers and still i couldnt see a result. Now this may just be me but when i see bronzer on a product i think pigment, warm bronze tones! giving you a sun blushed look.
this is very pale and can hardly be seen. the only time i saw a glimse of colour was stood in the sunshine which was out for a whole 5 mins! so im afraid to say i was a little dissapointed by this product from 17.

i did wonder if i crushed some of the rocks to form a powder maybe this would work, but i did end up with the same results. let me know ladies if you have the 17 instant glow bronzing rocks and what you think about them??? id love to hear your comments below.

see you soon ladies xxx

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