Monday, 25 June 2012

Dove Summer Glow

Evening ladies, well as were not getting any summer this year apparently its time to try and make my own sun kissed look. ive seen so many of these self tanning moisturising lotions but ive always wondered if they actually work! now i havent brought this one for any reason in particular but apart from the fact one of the lovely ladies in superdrug recommended it and it was offer at £2.53!!! that is the only valid reasons! 

so as of tomorrow im going to use for 5 days and i am going to take pictures everyday and then i will post a blog update in 5 days time to see if i have in fact gone a lovely subtle bronze OR have TANGOED myself! lol so wish me luck ladies and i will keep you posted.

see you soon xxx


  1. good luck!
    looking forward to seeing if its any good, could do with a slight bit of colour myself! xx

    1. Thank you sweet, we shall see if i come out orange or not lol xxx im hoping not but ive not used things like this before lol x


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