Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Top Five Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes

im not going to give a big intro to my top fav eye shadow palettes or duos ect im just going to jump straight in so here they are.....

at number 5 is the NYC COLOUR QUAD IN METRO.
really pretty purple shades and had amazing lasting power, would like to try some more of this range.

at number 4 is the the mini bourjois trio in neutral tones, this is a lovely little handy sized travel set for when away with a neutral theme.

at number 3 is the MUA palette in glamour days again lovely palette EXCELLENT value and great pigmented eye shadows.

at number 2 is my ferne cotton trio shade 3 in day compact this is amazing and i love these colours sheer and really pretty thank you hubby for this amazing xmas pressy :) choosen by him also (IMPRESSED) X

AND NO 1 IS obviouisly my naked palette which is probably no suprise!!! i can take this anywhere with thw amount of colours and looks i can create with this one palette who wouldnt have this as there favourite palette.

so there are my top 5 fav palettes / duos ect if anyone would like swatches please just let me know and i will add them for you, i know alot of you probably already know what they are like but if you would like to see them please just comment below, these are my fav at the moment and i will update in a couple of months as i know they will change and there is already a couple of sleek palettes ive got my eye on at the moment anyway, thanks to Laura :) please have a little look at her blog its fab and she has reviewed the sleek eyeshadows im banging on about lol.

any questions please leave below see you soon ladies x

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