Thursday, 28 June 2012

Naked or Naked 2 or BOTH?

SO LADIES... this is the burning question in so many peoples minds im sure, i have the NAKED palette but when the choice came between the two it did take me a while to choose, i have had my NAKED palette quite a while now and i do have to say i love it, it is my fav set of shadows without a doubt. 

BUT.......... do yo need both??? are the too similar??? would you benefit from having both???
these questions i can never quite seem to answer!
so i put it down to you, what do you think? would it be worth while? would you like to have both? they way i see it is, the NAKED palette is more subtle, maybe more day tones, with a few that can be used as evening tones, and the NAKED 2 is more a dressy palette with a few you could use a day tones. so again im stuck a dilema i know im not the only one who struggles with.
its not like i wouldnt get the use out of them because i am always using the first palette.
i would LOVE TO HEAR your view on this ladies maybe it will make my mind a little clearer on it all.
leave me a comment below i cant wait. thanks ladies
see you soon xxx


  1. I have the Naked2 and I will deffo be getting the original Naked as well! xx

    1. ive been swinging that way, i have the first but love the look of the second lol x thank you x

  2. BOTH !!!! lol

    I have naked 2 and i realy want naked 1, i think you can never have enough eyeshadows :)

    i use my naked 2 almost every day and love it



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