Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BATISTE frutiy and cheeky cherry :)

hey ladies well i know all of you prob use Batiste but ive not tried the cherry one before i got this a while ago now as it was 99p on offer, i was still using another one i had and as ive just finished using that one ive now moved on to this one and i can tell you i soooo will be buying the cherry one in the future!

i know there are so many on the market now and im not to fussed which one i end up with as long as i have one at home but this scent is really lovely and i cant smell it for ages after ive applied it which i really like.

i find now i have alot shorter hair i benefit more from dry shampoos it seems to do alot more or my hair than it did when it was long. i can wash my hair and then have a free day then on the 3rd day use batiste then 4th day wash again and start the process all over again which is great for me when having lilly at home.

my hair take ALOT to control as i have very curly puffy frizzy hair so it is a task to wash and dry then straighten. so only having to have to do this every 3-4 days is great for me. i know you all know how to use batiste so i wont go into that (unless anyone would like me to please comment below and id be happy to) but its a great product. for you that already use please try the cherry one you wont be dissapointed ladies.

see you soon x

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