Friday, 1 June 2012

Robs New Skin Routine!

Evening :) now robs skin is strange ones minute it is fine the next it breaks out! so its really quite hard to control, we have found that sunshine always clears his skin up so he does have a secret sun bed for a few minutes if suffering with  break out and it works really well.

robs trouble is that he uses SOAP! NOW I BELIEVE this isnt good! he seems to think its the best think! ummmmmm ( let me know what you think in the comments below)

facial scrubs are great and also a evening mosituriser i believe would be a good thing for him too! so today i got him a tea tree facial scrub which is always great for the skin and a clearasil overnight lotion as ive read some great reviews on this also. i will make sure he keeps it up daily and see how or if it does anything at all.... we shall see ladies, mens skin also needs looking after now doesnt it!

see you soon x

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