Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Natural high brightening eye cream superdrug

hey ladies well ive had this eye brightening cream for about 2 months now i think maybe a little less and have been using it every evening religiously. i have to say i think it has been helping. i havent had MAJOR effects but it has def been doing something in a good way. i pop this on under my eyes every evening after removing make up and cleansing my face before i use my night moisturiser.

you only need a small amount and i just apply in small circular motions like it tells me to under they eye area.it contains hydrating anti oxidants such as rose hip oil, which is meant to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. now my eyes ALWAYS have dark circles, i blame my husband lol, but they have been noticable not so dark and heavy since ive been using this. it didnt happen straight away but after about 2 weeks of use i started to notice a difference. now this is a lower end cream and ive been really pleased with the results so im thinking maybe what effects do the higher end creams achieve??? is it worth a try or do i stick with this one and keep going with it. superdrug do some really lovely products and i do like they price tag they come with as they are very reasonable, i may have a little look around at some more eye products and see if i can grab some samples to actually see if the more you spend the better the results, i dont always think this is the case.

for more info or to give this product ago follow the link below ladies.
purchase here

i believe i purchased this even cheaper as it was on offer for £3.24 something like that but full price its only £4.99 so a really great buy. let me know what you think or if you have tried it please x

see you soon x

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