Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Individual Feather Hair Extension

hey ladies well i got something a little different for you this evening, 
i recently saw these individual hair extensions that were fun and exciting :)
now ive had every type of colour and style hair extention going in my life time lol.
but THESE are new to me, THEY HAVE FEATHERS AND EVERYTHING IN THEM! (can you hear the excitement lol) 
these lovely little individual extensions are ment to add a special little something to a normal hair doo.

as you can see they are made up of different width and size feather there is even a sneaky little one in there with a little leopard print just for me lol. the have a micro loop connection and as you can see above they come with 5 micro loops, so can be re used 5 times, and probably more. ive had block mircroloops in the past and they stay in for up to 2 weeks at a time and can be washed and styled. 
the company i got my one from is called " a head of hair" and they have an amazing website please go check it out at the link below.

they have all sorts of hair extensions and much more, the delivery on their products is so speedy and i was so pleased when i received this extention. i cannot wait to try more and will def be ordering some more in the future, prices range depending on style and length, but the prices are so reasonable and i would highly recommend.

i will be adding this to my hair in the next couple of days so i will keep you posted and show you the results.
as the colours are neutral i can wear this on a daily basis and not feel over dressed. they do have dressy ones as i would put it for occasions and they are just as amazing. please i cannot stress enough how much you need to take a look at their website.
its soft and light and you will not know it is in the hair once applied, it can also be trimmed to suit your hair length so it gives a more natural look to me this shows quality and i couldnt ask for more. so ladies what do you think? fancy zooohing up your hair then give these a go!
see you soon ladies, as per usual questions or comments below x

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