Friday, 15 June 2012

Mary Kay Cheek Colour

Evening Ladies, here is a Mary Kay cheek colour in the shade cinamon stick, this is a warm bronzy colour.
really pretty for day time wear. i havent tried any Mary Kay products before but i have to say i would really like to try more. this is a pan product ready to go into a uni palette ect. its a 5g product which is a nice size and the pan is a nice size too to be able to swip your brush in, i sometimes find the pans are too small and i like a bigger size pan for my blusher brushes to pick up the colour.

its a really spicy colour and has a matt finish. its soft to apply and feels really nice on the skin. i also found this has some amazing stay power. i could still see this clearly at the end of my day after wearing it since morning. the only little grip i would have is that you do have to blend well as it tends to be slightly heavy.
if your not heavy handed like me with your blusher brush then you will be fine lol. i tend to get stuck right in and swish my brush around loads forgetting and end up looking like a clown! lol !
but i really like this cheek colour and wouldnt mind trying some other Mary Kay products.
see you soon ladies x

1 comment:

  1. Great review! The colour looks beautiful!

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