Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dont you just love BOOTS advantage vouchers!

so i got my trusty boots advantage card vouchers through the post this morning YAY my fav time lol, i got some AMAZING VOUCHERS this time including one i rushed out to use today lol. (this is what happens when you have a boots 5 min walk from your house!) so this voucher was a great little offer even the lady in boots was suprised lol. its was to buy a 17 wild curls mascara that is usually £6.99 for £1.00!!!!! ys a whole pound lol. i thought this was a really great deal lol. i also got some other great vouchers x2 that if you spend £20 you get 250 points a double points voucher you can use twice and another massive voucher that if you spend £30 or more i get 750 points! wooo hooo you all know where ill be this month lol. did you get your ladies? any good ones x

see you soon ladies hopefully some great goodies coming this month! x


  1. Im jealous of your vouchers! I wonder if they'll send the same to me ;) xo

    1. i actually couldnt believe it hun this month! lol i was very pleased let me know which ones you get hun love to know. not used this mascara either before so was really pleased to be able to try for £1 xxx


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