Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner

afternoon ladies, well now i dont know if your like me, but i always have a back up shampoo and conditioner stashed away somewhere and for me its the Schwarzkopf oil range. Do you ever get left with no conditioner and think noooo half way through washing your hair??? well i do it all the time lol. so these little bad boys are in the draw ready for an emergency. 

i have to say though these are lovely products and when my hair is feeling weak or just has no life in it i use this oil based shampoo and conditioner. it for repairing hair so is just what mine needs after ive coloured, stripped and basically killed it. its just about getting back to normal.

this really makes my hair feel lively and soft, and gives it a lovely sheen making it look really healthy.
it lathes up nicely and smells nice to and the other aspect i love about this product is having curly hair it tends to knot easily after using this product its not knotty and a brush or comb glides through it.

so over all this is a lovely shampoo and conditioner. what makes it even better is i can purchase this in my local 99p store so its a great bargain too. i know you can purchase these in boots and superdug also but im not sure on the price ladies. if you have a 99p store get yourself down there its well worth a try.

let me know if you have tried this guys and leave a comment below on what you thought.
see you soon xxx

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