Thursday, 14 June 2012

Top Five Lip Glosses


hey ladies so im, on a roll with the top five products at the moment and today im going to be doing lip glosses. so here is my run down of my top five!

5th place is Barry M limited edition ice. (this is great clear lipgloss and i do use it alot so for that reason alone it has to be in my top five.)

4th place is my ferne cotton lip gloss in peach, this is a very pretty summer colour and a natural look, great for a day gloss.

3rd place is my Barry M red gloss valentine, i am yet to find a red gloss with this much punch and i do wear this alot because everytime i wear this it amazes me the colour it has.

2nd place is the sleek pout polish, this is a gloss in a pot to me and i love having this in my hand bag, i have the shade perfect peach and love love love it.

1st place has to be my Benefit wild child lip gloss, this are amazing, beautiful sheer colour, stay power which is great and an all round perfect little product, i love this colour as ive never found anything like it yet and its different.

here are the swatches in this order from left to right, barry m red, barry m ice, benefit wild child, ferne cotton peach and sleek peach perfection. 

love to know about your fav lip glosses ladies please let me know as im always in the market to try new ones see you soon x

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