Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The All IMPORTANT Washing Of Your Brushes!!!

hi ladies right i wanted to do a blog on "washing of your make up brushes"

i have heard so many ways and tips on how to wash your brushes and how not to wash them! all i would like to know is a way to wash them which keeps them looking as new as possible and keeps the brushes feeling soft!
is it to hard to find out lol???

ive not always had the most expensive brushes and to be honest ive just repurchased cheaper ones once my sets have lived there life! ive not even considered washing them! but now i have a more pricey collection (nothing majorly pricey) but alot better quality brushes of course im not looking to just toss them out! i want to learn how to look after them properly!

things ive heard........

wash brushes with nothing but warm water, run warm water down the bristles and run your fingers through until all products have been removed! flick to remove excess water and leave to dry naturally.

another way is to use baby shampoo a little amount to lathe up in the brush rinse with warm water and again flick to dry and then leave to naturally dry!

i read somewhere online to use cleansing milk on brushes!

also to use make up remover!

i could go on! im sure you all see my dilemma! i would love to know what you ladies think would be the best way, or correct way to clean my make up brushes would be, any help would be amazing as i am totally confused as to what i should or shouldn't do! please leave me a comment underneath thank you ladies x


  1. great tips! xx


  2. i just use shampoo lol sometimes i use soap and glory clean on me shower gel if im feeling adventurous :)


  3. I would say the best way is to use Johnsons Baby Shampoo and just use a little amount of each brush to get them really clean xx


  4. thank you ladies for all your help! ive been having a right mare over this lol! xx


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