Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My First Blog!

Hello everyone,

this is all a little new to me, well when i say new the "me blogging" is new, i read blogs daily by many different ladies.

I as many ladies im sure LOVE LOVE LOVE, all the girly things in life, like makeup, beauty products, clothes and handbags ect. my one vice though when im not being mummy to two gorgeous little girls and wifey to my lovely husband is MAKE-UP! so in those few hours a day in which im not playing wifey and mummy i love to learn about new products, up and coming products and read about everyones likes and dislikes!

this is why i have decided too start blogging because i too have some many points and views to put accross and would love to share them all and also listen to what you guys have got to say.

so in my future blogs i will review products in everyway i can and look forward to your responces.

take care all, a very excited natalie x
see you all soon x

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