Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wed Mini Haul

Hi ladies well needed to pop to superdrug today! i only went for two items out of these five but you know me, i get excited and end up with more! lol. i know im not the only one that does this lol.

first off the things i went to get were.

superdrug colour effects wash in wash out colour conditioner. £1.29
i have used this since i went back blonde and i love it! great little product to use once every couple of weeks to make your blonde that little more bright and rejuvenated. 

MUA shadow shade 1 pearl. - £1.00
i recently did a blog on some other mua eyeshadows and i had a very lovely comment suggesting i use this shade as a highlighter and shadow so i wanted to grab one of these. (i will do a seperate review)

then....... the things i wasnt going out to get but i got anyway lol......

MUA shadow shade17 matt - £1.00
i havent got such a matt biscuit colour like this and have been looking for one. my naked pallette houses so many nudey colours but more shimmery so i wasnt a more defined matt. this is def that! really pretty colour.
(i will do a review on this too)

i saw there are many different views on these! i thought i had tried these but on closer inspection i havent tried these i tried the ones in the gold tubes! so i have purchased the travel size to give them ago.
they were two for £2.49 so we shall see what i think of these in a few days time and if i will be repurchasing in full size!

bubbye for now ladies x


  1. ive been using the colour effects wash in wash out and love it i alternate between this and the touch of silver twice a week shampoo treatment they are both realy good products and realy helped get rid of the brassy tones in my highlights
    xx xx

    1. oooooo not used the touch of silver hun! is that good for brassy tones too??? most of mine are nearly gone just a few on ends now! so the superdrug one has really helped but if the touch of silver is good to may try that xxx

    2. yeah i leave it on for 5 mins and the bottle lasts ages which i love and has a nice smell to it too i think its £2-£3 in boots xx

    3. def on my list now hun! lol thank you for the recomendation cant wait to try xxxx

  2. looks like you picked up a few great things! i really love the two shadow colors as well!

    <3 rae

    1. thank you hun, yeah love the MUA shadows cant go wrong, and i used the go blonder shampoo last night seems really nice so far cant complain at all xx

  3. You bought it :D Let me know how you get on and what you think :) I'm going Superdrug on Saturday so will be picking up a few bits and pieces from the MUA stand,it's a pity my nearest one doesn't stock the professional range though,not many do :)


    1. i did hun! cant wait to try it, thank you for the recommendation ive swatched it and its so soft anf lovely and really pretty colour yay xxxxx my mua stand in my superdrug doesnt have professorial either really annoys me :( x


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