Thursday, 5 April 2012

Finally I AM a Naked Palette Urban Decay Owner!!!

YAYAYAYAYAY! i am a very happy bunny today as i have just received my Naked palette by urban decay.

i have wanted one of these for probably the last 6 months, and i now can say i am the proud owner!
as i have only just received this today i have not used it yet but have read numerous reviews and blogs about this product and it seems to be an essential item to every ladies makeup box.

so i am going to use this over the next few weeks and i will follow up after i have tested all the colours and i will do a separate blog on it.

as im sure you all probably already know this is £36 from debenhams
or you can purchase straight from urban decay.
sounds a little pricey but when you think about it your buying 12 shadows in a beautiful range of neutral shades perfect for everyday and evenings out, im sure you can imagine how long these are going to last!
i for one am very excited about this product and look forward to using it all the time.


  1. IM SOO JEALOUS !! i must be the only one in the world now who hasnt owned one :( boo
    it looks amazing xxx

  2. hun i promise you your not, i have only just got mine like a couple of weeks ago,i have been wanting one for months lol its very pretty and great for everyday colours :)


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