Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Make Up Collection

Morning guys, 

well up bright and breezy and thought id get blogging. my make up collection is growing by the week and i love finding new exciting products on the market and also from recommendation from others.

lately the items i have bought have been through recommendation and i find this is a great way to purchase makeup as you never quite know how the individual product will work for you.

i have such a wide range of brands that i love and also a few bits im not so keen on, not because they are bad products but because they are not suited to me.

i have also started buying brands that are new to me and that i have not come across before as well as the new beauty boxes such as glossy boy. these boxes i really enjoy each month and look forward to the little surprises i will receive

so my next blog i am going to start reviewing some of my fav items i have in my collection, i look forward to hearing what you all thing.

Natalie x.


  1. OMG, your collection is so big. I use to have a big collection but I threw alot of stuff away, because it was old and I started new... The main brands in my collection is : Mac, Mary Kay, Stilla, and a few CVS purchases along with some mineral all purpose makeup. But I would like to start venturing out.

  2. hello, oh thats not big lol, im just starting lol, have a bit of a habit tho i think, ive only just started using MAC so would love some pointers and tips :)and i have never used mary kay, so thats going to be added to my list now lol thank you for the comment hun speak soon x


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