Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MUA Shadows! So Worth the £1

MUA eye shadows so worth the £1 each! i have got to say i really really LOVE these eye shadows!
they have so much pigmentation and i love the sheen in which it leaves on your eye!
the three shadows i have are all in the "pearl" collection they also have a matt collection and im not 100% if there are any others! please let me know if you ladies know any different.

so the colours i have are from top to bottom.
pearl range no.24
pearl range no.11
pearl range no.12

the top one is a gorgeous sheer rosey pink i really love this one for a sunny day, the middle one is a lovely bronze/gold colour, i love anything bronzy gold so this is the winner for me and the bottom one i can only describe as gun metal, again which is amazing! these eye shadows are truly great and at the small cost of £1 each you just cant go wrong. i 100% want to add to my collection and will be in the near future.

i cannot get over the colour you get from these small costing eye shadows and they last the duration of my day really well. im sure alot of you have many of these so please let me know of any other colours you may have. they have a lovely size range of colours and i cannot wait to pick some more.
whilst the packaging is plain and simple it looks classic in clear and black plastic. to look at you would never believe they would have such a small price tag. i love these eye shadows well done MUA! keep up the amazing reasonable priced makeup we love it!


  1. Anytime I'm in Superdrug these gorgeous colours are always gone so annoying haha..Shade 2 is great for highlighting on the cheek bone and inner corber of the eye :)


  2. awesome hun thank you shade 2 is now on my list lol x i think these are great for the price x

  3. hiya hun i have the mua trio in pink sorbet which i think is £2.50 and i LOVE the darkest shade i can not describe the colour it looks plummy but when swatched it isnt too dark and has a slight rose gold tint to it it's beautifull


    1. ooooooooo trio's ive not even seen these hun! im so going to look for these too, i love pinks for the summer along with bronze and gold warm colours love love love, have you done a blog on them would love to see them x

    2. i did a little section on it in the whats in my make up bag eyes but its just a brief description no swatches but its such a beautifull colour



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