Friday, 20 April 2012

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipsticks VERY IMPRESSED!

hi ladies, well got this little lipstick the other day in which i am HIGHLY impressed with!
its a collection 2000 lasting colour.
the colour i got was mango tange no.14
if you have read my other blogs im all about high pigmented colour lipsticks! especially for the summer i love the bright fun colours.
well this is 100% one of them for sure!
its hard to find high pigmented lipsticks that actually have some stay power as they tend to fade pretty quickly taking away that in your face look you wanted in the first place.
this however is very different! i wore this today and i think the colour stayed exactly the same for about 3-4 hours then it started to fade! granted i didnt eat or drink whilst wearing this colour but for it to stay this strong and glossy for this amount of time i was very impressed.
the other really impressive thing i love about this lipstick is that how glossy and shiny it is after application!
it is almost as if once applied i then apply a clear gloss on top to give it the extra shine! but no this is all the lipsticks doing it naturally has a high shine finish, another quality i love about a lipstick.
at £2.99 these are a great buy and i will be looking for other bright fun colours in the future please let me know if you ladies have any of these in the brightest of brightest colours in which i may like to try!

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