Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Every One Likes A Bargain!

Everyone loves a bargain! 

have nipped out this afternoon to my local high street one to get me and lilly loo loo out and two to get a hair colour! well of course i came home with more than a hair colour!!!

popped into my local superdrug and luckily my hair colours were on off from £8.99 down to £4.99, so i was a happy bunny i have started using the colour perfection 10 range as they are very natural and i like how they add multi tones to your hair, also they have this excellent brush to apply the colour which get it right into your hair and its only takes 10 mintues! ideal for me as i feel hair colouring can get soooooo boring!

anyway, i also am a regular visitor of my local nail bar, and i do have to admit i have been going every month for probably the past 4 years! OUCH! on my bank account. so last month i had my nails off as im sure they were close to being dead! i have been looking around and actually saw in superdrug total a do it yourself acrylic nail kit! so i have grabbed one of them also, sounds like fun maybe a total disaster but hey we shall see. the one i purchased was nailene acrylic sculpture kit, it was £9.99, it has 40 nail tips and the entire kit including brushes and files so maybe a nice little treat to do one evening when kiddys are asleep.

i also got a new cheap and cheerful blending brush from superdrugs own range as mine is falling to bits! i am looking to buy a sigma blender but i keep missing out on ebay so will keep trying.

FINALLY i popped into the good old 99p shop on the way back to grab some household items and i cam accross a new stand in there, it was full of makeup and i kid you not it had majour brand names on it and EVERYTHING was 99p, i could not believe it, they had revlon lip glosses, rimmel, loreal, sadly the revlon glosses were not my kinda shade, but i did grab a lovely ESPRIT lip gloss in the shade chery as shown below, its really pretty a little shimmery and perfect for 99p, also i did grab a NYC waterproof mascara for again 99p, ideal for when taking the kids swimming ect and i actually dont own a waterproof mascara as i tend not to wear them due to the ordeal of removing them each evening. 

look forward to your comments and views bubbye for now ladies x

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