Thursday, 19 April 2012

NIP + FAB Shine Fix!

Right ladies, 

hope everyone is well, today i want to talk about this lovely little product i got in one of my beauty boxes!
its the NIP+FAB shine fix. i hadnt heard about this product before but i had heard of the brand as i own the NIP+FAB tummy fix! (in which i love by the way, but thats a whole different post).

i cant remember which box i got this in but it was either the glossy box or carmine box not that it matters now as they have combined forces! anyways, i did a little reading about this product and it says its a "mattifying gel". this gel is to control the shine on your t-zone area. it absorbs oil flow throughout the day to help promote a fresh looking complexion. 

i dont usually suffer from to much shine on my skin but i have noticed that when it is hot i do have a little shine on my forehead. a couple of weeks ago when we had the amazing weather i used this product and i have to say it was brilliant! i first applied this before my foundation primer and it seemed to really work for me.
its very light in consistency and easy to apply, once applied i rub into my t-zone using circular motions and it dry to a clear result. once my skin is dry from this product i got ahead to add my primer, i do have to say my primer does take away the shine from my face if i have any but having this little extra product for when my fore head is extra shiny has been a great help in the warmer weather. will i repurchase this product in full size??? i dont think i will as the prices are quite hefty, and as i said my primer does most of the work for me!
but a great little freebie and was very pleased.! if anyone else has used this please let me know what you think id love to hear.

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