Thursday, 5 April 2012

Revlon Lip Butters, what do you think?

Revlon Lip Butters???

i recently saw a blog by msbudgetbeauty about the new revlon lip butters, from first impressions and the review she did, i was like I HAVE TO HAVE SOME OF THESE!.

so i took a trip to my local boots store to have a nose and see what colour choices i wanted to buy.
i LOVE bright lip colours, ones that really stand out so i thought these would be perfect. at £7.99 each they are not on the two expensive side but not cheap either. i didnt mind this too much as in boots at the moment makeup is 3 for 2 so i felt this was the perfect time to buy them.

from left to right here are the colours i chose, lollipop, tutti frutti and peach parfait. bright spring colours perfect to go with a neutral face palette. i do love these lipsticks/butters but i was a little dissapointed to see they are no where near as bright on as to what you think they are going to be. for me they are alot more sheer colours as once applied they are highly glossy which i love but the pigment is not as strong as i assumed they would be.

they do have a lovely colour and i really love these i just think i was expecting a little more from them.
they do however feel LOVELY when on and really moisturize your lips and are very pretty shades. there are a few more colours i do wish to purchase and even thought i felt these were going to be alot stronger in colour i will be purchsing more for the summer. i have tried building the colours up but they dont seem to build up to create a darker shade. i LOVE the packaging and design they are very lovely item to have.
so for me i was a little ehh? about the colour i thought they would achieve but never the less i do love them and will use them alot. i would love to hear you views on these and what other people think about the revlon lip butter x

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