Monday, 30 April 2012

Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating lotion

this is just a quick blog about this product i picked up the other day. it was a total impulse buy as my legs seems to be really dry at the moment and it really irritates me!
well i was so pleased to grab this and i had to let you all know about it, 

this is the vaseline stimulating feet and leg lotion. it smells AMAZING!
it has menthol and eucalyptus scent and is so refreshing and cooling.

after i have shaved my legs, they almost feel dry and itchy, the only way i can describe it, and its horrible. i used this hoping it would be a stand in lotion until i do a little research and find one that really works, but in all honesty i really dont need to look any further. this has a cooling effect and makes my legs feel so soft and moistursed after use. my legs have really changed since using this this has a massive thumbs up from me.
at £1.29 its also an amazing price so i will repurchase for sure. let me know of any other great leg moisturisers ladies could always do with some recommendations.


  1. I purchased this product like yesterday! And I so totally have to agree with you - it does smell amazing! It reminds of being at the beach somehow? I got it for 99p :) xx

    1. i love it hun! feel so nice on! yeah it has that beachy smell fresh and clean smell :) xxx

  2. For the past 5 years ive been using FCUK whipped body creme and they have now decided to discontinue this product i am absolutely gutted! As it smelt so amazing and worked brilliantly. I have been struggling to find a new product and my FCUK tub is rapidly running out. I shall give this a go. Thank you. :)

    1. grrr hate it when they discontinue stuff especially when its part of your daily beauty wardrobe!!!! this is amazing and such a great price hun def give it a go, i just love the way it makes my legs feel and the smell lol, good luck with it, let me know how you get on, have added you by the way hun x


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