Monday, 16 April 2012

Osiris Apricot Scrub

hi ladies, i have got this little cheap and cheerful product in which i had to tell you about as this is amazing!
this is the osiris apricot face and body scrub, this product smells AMAZING and reminded me so much of something and took me about 3 days to realise what that smell actually was! believe it or not i think this smells like palma vilolets the sweets! it is to die for.

but great i hear you say it smells nice, of course this doesnt tell you how the product actually works. this product has been brilliant for me, i know my skin is pretty "normal" apart from slight dry patches sometimes and some oily patches but ive not found products that i cant use as of yet. this is lovely on my face i pop some in my hand lathe up in my hand not that it lathe up to much then gentle in circular motions rub into my face, avoiding the eyes. its has the small abrasive beads within it, but they are a perfect size to actually act as a scrub to remove unwanted skin. i then rise off either by splashing my face with warm water or using a warm flannel to wipe away the scrub. it really does leave my skin feeling soft and clean and very awake so i tend to use this one in the morning. this product is 99p so please give it a try, really great for an everyday product or when needed.


  1. I've picked up some of this (I normally use a garnier daily scrub but forgot it on recent holiday and tried this in interim). And I'm definitely going back for lots more! I've got very upity skin. Its dry and oily&very sensitive-it'll love a product/moisturiser for ages, complexion smooth&clear and then literally overnight it'll go like snakeskin, flaking& very painful. but I've been using this for over a month now(the normal time before my skin decides it hates the product)and skin still good, very soft and(for me)nice and clear. its taken me years to find a regime that my skin likes and this works a treat, just as good a my £4+ Garnier scrub but 99p. So it definitly works for cominbation/sensitive skin too.

  2. I agree, I absolutely love this face scrub and so glad I picked it up on a whim! For a £1 you really can't go wrong and I'm reluctant to try anything else :) x


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