Wednesday, 18 April 2012

W7 Africa Bronzer!

Hi guys, well have this exciting little bronzer to tell you about, its by W7 in which i havent tried before but when i saw this i couldnt resist as it was so eye catching and the price made my mind up for sure.
this is boxed just like a range of benefit products in the little square boxes. lovely colours and design too.

what was even more exciting was when i opened the product!
inside is this lovely sheer bronzer, in the lovely design of leopard print! i cannot resist a little bit of leopard print! the colours are a lovely bronzy colour, a sheer pink and then a deeper goldy colour.
it looked quite dramatic when i opened it but when i tested it it was really pretty and sheer! perfect for the summer!
it came with this lovely little soft square brush! which is ideal for the shape of the box to apply.
it has no smell at all which is a bonus and goes on really well, like i said tho it is a really sheer product perfect for a slight shimmer look in the summer if you are already sporting a tan and are not using blush!
it could be used on the body to which would be lovely.
i am a big bronzer fan and sometimes find them to heavy or orangy but this year i have a few bronzers in which i really like and achieve lovely natural results.

all round this is an amazing little bronzer well worth a try, i purchased this from superdrug at £2.99! BARGAIN! im not sure if its a one off offer or they will have this always or in everystore i hope they do for everyone to try it. anyone with bronzers they love please let me know.


  1. I have this but haven't used it in yonks,I do remember though that it gave a lovely bronzey glow to the face so I think I'll be taking this out again for the summer :)


  2. yea i was so pleased with this little find! GREAT PRICE and great warm glowy results x


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