Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Whats In My Handbag!

hi ladies, ive had a couple of requests about doing a "whats in my handbag" blog, well im afraid its probably not to exciting lol, but i would do it anyways for you.

so here is the handbag i am currently using, its one of my PRIMARNI special! (primark) i havent had this one that long and i think it was £9. little brown over the shoulder bag, with one strap, which has some gold chain detail, pretty and simple just what i like really and inexpensive so even better for me lol.
so whats in here then......
first of all we have obviously my purse full of receipts and not money sadly! again another primarni special this is going to have to go in the bin soon as ive had it AGES and its slowly falling to bits. so off to primarni for me soon for a new purse!
so in size this cavern is as follows.....
good old pack of huggies baby wipes, i never go anywhere without them especially having young children!
small hairbrush for either me or my girls
impulse "into glamour" body spray
travel tin of vaseline original
urban decay chicago lube in a tube
benefit ultra shine lipgloss in "life on the a list"
barry m limited edition gloss in ice
and no.7 lipgloss in angel cake!
do not ask me why i have so many lip products in my bag but i guess a lady can never have to many lipsticks and glosses on ones self at one time lol!
i always have the vaseline and a clear gloss on me, but the colours change depending on what im wearing on the day! would love to have a nose what in other ladies handbags let me know please. bubbye for now all x


  1. haha we are so alike i'm giong to do a post on whats in my bag and you will see why lol this made me chuckle our contents are so similar lol

    1. eeeek cant wait to see hun! yay yay show me show me! im not nosey at all ha ha ha x


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