Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Foundation Few Of My Favs!

hi ladies, well my good friend sammie bushell has asked me to do a blog on foundations.
so i have picked my top four out of my collection hoping this may help a little.
i have picked four very different foundation in which i use for different occasions.
they also have a great range in price from budget to higher end.i always wonder if higher end foundations are "better" but to be honest i really dont know because i have some amazing foundations that only have cost me under £10 and they are equally as good as the higher end ones.
first of all is my 17 boots collection miracle matte foundation. i had seen this advertised and had actually swatched this 3 or 4 times before i bought it. i could quite decide from swathing it whether i like it or not, because when i swatched it  it seemed very heavy and noticeable. but im glad i did. it is a very thick consistency but it does blend very well and a little goes along way. it was around the £5-6 mark and for a foundation i believe this is great value. its stay power is great and the coverage is good. the only time i wouldn't suggest using this foundation is if you have dry skin as it tends to cling to dry patches and makes your face patchy. i usually use a face mositurising oil before i apply this foundation just to insure any dry patches are taken care of. but all around a great little foundation. i use this for if i am going out for the daytime and need something that will last the duration.
next is the garnier BB cream. 
this is my everyday foundation and i was recommended this by a fellow blogger and i have to say i love it!
it is excellent for many skin types, as it has such a mositursing effect its brilliant. this again is quite thick but goes on and on and on... and i was really surprised when i first used this as i couldnt believe how much coverage it still gave me as a cream. its really blend-able and the colour matches my skin really well. i def expected it to be like a tinted mosituriser and in fact it was much more and this is probably my favorite. again a little goes along way and i like how it feels on your face. once applied your face still feel very light and comfortable and the effect looks very natural. at around £10 this is a little more expensive but i love this product and will def re purchase in the future. 
here is my benefit some kind a gorgeous compact foundation.
i really love this foundation but for me its far to heavy for a day foundation. maybe not so much for the effect and look, but def once applied i can feel this foundation, it almost feels quite heavy. i tend to use this foundation for when i  go out and want to achieve a more glam look. this is very build-able and gives a very polished clean even finish. but to me it does also give the look of you are wearing makeup. but never the less i do love it, its very soft and no matter how my skin is, dry,oily, normal at the time im wearing it always go on nicely and covers perfectly. this is quite pricey in my eyes at around £23 but if you are after the very even toned look its well worth it. one reason i couldnt use this daily is that i think i would need one compact a month as it isnt a very generous size and doesnt last all that long. but that is my only gripe about the product. so i dont mind using it for occasions then it last me longer lol.
and lastly is my oil free CK foundation, this is my real night out foundation, it is a lovely product but again very heavy and what only i can describe as film makeup. meaning if your off somewhere posh ie weddings, and occasions like that and your going to be having your pics done this is the one! it give that amazing perfect flawless look! and stays there all day like concrete. i also can wear this is my skin is misbehaving and i had dry spots ect which i was surprised about as being oil free i thought it would dry very quickly and pic up on my monster patches of skin but it doesnt, its very good. it very good to apply and its very blend able once on the face. Now i have some mini travel bottles of this i havent purchased a full size product but from mind i think it was around £30 mark. now that sounds alot but its is a generous full size bottle and you really dont need alot so i guess the cost evened out over the time you would have this product would be ok. 

so there were my top 4 foundations for all types of occasions i do have some more but these 4 stand out to me. one more little thing i wanted to add is that i know everyone is different and likes to apply foundation in different ways but for me the perfect way after priming my face and eyes and having used a pore mini-miser is apply my foundation with a brush! no oil hands dragging the foundation off that you have applied and a very even tone is achieved.
the brushes i like to use are my benefit face puff (that i got in a set) and my samantha chapman real techniques buffing brush. both give my face the best coverage. any new foundations you have tried please drop me a message i would love to try some new ones.

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