Monday, 16 April 2012

Garnier Body Intensive Hyrdrating Lotion

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days hydrating lotion.

ive seen many reviews on this moisturiser over the past few weeks and thought id give it a go. especially  as it was on offer at £1.99 in boots at the moment. so i took some time to have a look at them and i must say they all have AMAZING scents. i went for the NORMAL SKIN type as this is whats best suited to myself.

this moisturiser is lovely its really light and whilst i say moisturiser its actually a lotion. a milky consistency in which goes onto the skin and leaves a cool refreshing texture. this is exactly what i was looking for and i really enjoy using this product. i like that it has a fast absorbing effect and doesnt leave a sticky skin feeling like you have to wait for it to dry.

the normal scent is in moisturising aloe vera and smells divine very natural and subtle. this product says to make your skin feel intensely hydrated for up to 7 days, and to be honest ive been using this for the past 4 days and it really has had a lovely effect on my skin, it feels alot softer and healthier and while im not sure if it would leave your skin hydrated for 7 days its definatley doing something good. give it a go ladies.


  1. Thanks for the review,I was thinking of getting this for a while now after seeing it in a local pharmacy and the girl there said that it was supposed to be really good and the price tag isn't too expensive either so I might pick it up next time and see for myself if I like it or not,defiantly worth trying :)


  2. def worth a try hun, really lovely to apply after bath/shower make skin feel lovely :) hope you like it too :) x PS smells amazing!!!


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