Thursday, 19 April 2012

THE BIG Testing Of Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean.

i have wanted to try the "Peaches and Clean" by soap and glory for a while, the thing that got me was 
msbudgetbeauty RAVED about the amazing smell, and well i knew i was intrguied straight away.
this product is lovely! and i am now a hooked member of the peaches and clean group lol.

the smell is just beautful and i can smell the fresh minty, citursy smell after i have used this product for quite a while in which i love! it may sound really silly but the scent actually really reminds me of the sweets Palma violets! (probabaly just me and my weird nose)

i use this product at the end of the day to either remove makeup and cleanse the face, or just as a lovely cleansing face wash.

i am very impressed by how little of this you need to use as it really does go along way. so reflecting on that point i think it is well worth the £7 a bottle. its sounds alot but from using now for a few days it will last me well so i am happy to spend the £7 on this product.

the consistency of this item is lovely very smooth and milky/cream like and with the pump action bottle you dont end up with alot of waste as you can pump away to your required amount.

again the packaging from Soap & Glory is as pretty as usual with its pink and lemon tones and its creative little puns on the bottle! this is another reason i love the product from all the crazy little limericks they have on their packaging, going that extra mile to make its special and unique.

i have one little downfall with this product in which im sure maybe just to do with my skin type, after using this product it leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean and also very soft, BUT it does also make my skin feel a little dry, i def need to use a moisturiser  after using this. like i said that maybe just to do with my skin type and i really hope this doesnt effect anyones decision in trying it as i do love this product.
another thumbs up for Soap & Glory!

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  1. I really like this cleanser as well, it's really good :)


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