Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Soap And Glory My Fav Products!

Well i thought id do a blog post on my top three soap and glory products.
first of all the hair products, i wasnt sure about these at first the smell UNBELIEVABLE but i just didnt know, so when they had an offer on i decided i would purchase them and give them ago.
first of all is the glad hair day shampoo, this is actually really good, foams up really easily and only a small amount is needed, which is really good for me as i find i need to use larger amounts of shampoo to actually lathe up and make it feel like im washing may hair. it has a coconut smell to it and also a citrus smell which i love and make my hair feel so clean afterward.
second is the glad hair day conditioner, now my views were alittle different on this at first, when i condition my hair i find i have to use a good amount to actually work on my thick hair so when i used this for the first time although it told me to use a walnut size amount, i didnt and i used the same good dollop as i do with any other conditioner! THIS WAS A BIG NO NO!!! it made my hair greasy and once dried it was like i hadnt washed my hair! so the next time i used it i followed the instructions and used a walnut size and smoothed throughout the hair. BINGO! this worked and i was very pleased with the results! this is probably the first conditioner i have found where i can use a small amount and get great results, smooth soft happy hair.
last of all and my fav is, the foam call body wash!, this is lovvvveelly! its smells amazing and makes my skin so smooth and soft after use.
it smells again a little of coconut as do alot of the soap and glory products! i would def recommend this product was a luxury bath time, this is a thick milky consistency and is a lovely bath product.

My next purchase is peaches and clean i CANNOT WAIT TO BUY IT IF I COULD GET IT IN BOOTS! ITS ALWAYS SOLD OUT!!!!! i will keep you all informed. 

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